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The Lumi IT Group is an Australian Digital Products & Development firm working in an Agile model to assist organisations with their Digital Transformation outcomes.

We are passionate in the successful outcome and delivery of your digital initiatives, so you can reap the rewards of the digital advancements of the marketplace.

Maggie Hu | CEO & Client Success Director


Bespoke SaaS Products

Every organisation in today's tech-driven world needs to develop bespoke software and integration for a competitive advantage. Significant improvements to organisations' efficiency the effectiveness with reaching business goals & boosts revenue is undeniable.

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AI & Data

AI is at the cutting edge of innovation and automation. Recent improvements in computation power and data means that the marketplace can truly utilise this technology for organisation outcomes. How can your organisation find the expertise to utilize it, and take it to market?

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JUMPSTART: Innovation

We all have tremendous capabilities to innovate. Utilising our Innovation Framework, JUMPSTART, will allow you or your organisation to tap into existing capacities and strategically disrupt the marketplace for that competitive advantage and prevent being disrupted.

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Australia is implementing digital solutions to grow a sustainable healthcare system. Digital healthcare, including eHealth, HIS, telemedicine, and health informatics, uses technology to deliver and manage health services.

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Digital Transformation within the Government comes with a change of culture towards embracing Digital, open data and customer experience. Improved digital services increases overall public satisfaction and engagement.

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Banking & Payments

Banking & Payments is experiencing the benefits of digital transformation where innovation, optimising service offerings and being more connected with customers will ensure a continuous competitive advance in the marketplace.

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The Australian online education industry has expanded rapidly in the past five years. Technological developments and increasing positive public perception of online courses have been vital to this growth.

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Energy & Resources

The Energy & Resources sector continues their digital transformation journey with a view to drive growth, productivity, efficiency and safety across operations, while also maintaining an efforts to explore and forge new business models.

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We start by understanding
your organisation's Digital Journey

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    What does your digital journey look like?
  2. 2 lightbulb_outline
    Why is digital important for your organisation?
  3. 3 lightbulb_outline
    How customer-centric are your digital platforms?
  4. 4 lightbulb_outline
    What does your digital team look like today?
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    Digital Business Success
    You are out-performing the marketplace.

To create a Successful Outcome
for Your Organisation's Digital Benchmarking Metrics

Strategic Digital IT Services

- Agile - Waterfall - Hybrid -



Performance Based Model

  • Project Management
  • Business Analyst
  • Solutions Architecture
  • DevOps
  • User Experience / Design
  • Front End / Javascript Development
  • Fullstack Java / .NET Development
  • Tester/ Test Automation
  • R&D / Proof of Concept
  • Systems API Integration
  • Web Development
  • Application Development
  • Process Automation
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Data Visualisation
  • Support Services

Our tailored technical services positively assist
organisations embarking on digital transformation.

The Lumi IT Group were great to work with.

Maggie and her team spent the time to understand our organisation to make sure that our online platform conveyed the intended experience to our audience.

The engagement went very well and was delivered on time and budget. Lumi IT’s communication was open, and they were flexible in their approach and added value to the organisation during the process.

Their team provided fantastic support and were always there when we needed them.

We look forward to the continued partnership.

Nothing but high praise for the Lumi IT Group.

They were able to tackle multiple integrations across some of our largest bespoke partner solutions, providing both technical and UX support. We received realistic timelines and felt engaged throughout the projects with quality results.

What more can you ask!

Give them a GO.

They developed an excellent worksheet and job scope with us, which required very good understanding from Lumi IT about the project.

Good customer experience and user-friendly. I would recommend Lumi IT to other businesses!

The Lumi IT Group has assisted us above and beyond.

The Lumi IT Group has been the only technology partner that delivered (and continues to deliver) not only the quality we need from our products, but also care about the success of our business.

There’s a human-factor and professionalism to working with the Lumi IT Group that we haven’t experienced before.

The Lumi IT Group have assisted us above and beyond what other technology providers offer and we see them as a valued partner for the ongoing success of our business.

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