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The Lumi IT Group is an Australian Digital Products & Development firm working in an Agile model to assist organisations with their Digital Transformation outcomes. More than digital specialists, we help you deliver business outcomes with bespoke and customised software solutions, including UX and data API integration.
Every organisation in today's tech-driven world needs to develop bespoke software and integration for a competitive advantage. We help organisations to become customer-centric and enhance operational efficiencies that bring significant improvements to organisations' effectiveness with reaching business goals & boosts revenue.

Problems we solve with technology

Automate Manual Processes

Increase productivity, reduce error and duplication & improve your employee satisfaction.

Become Customer-Centered

Attract more customers, improve existing customers retention & stand out from your competition.

Better Business Insights

Discover actionable insights to help you make informed business decisions, and fast.

Industry Associations

How can we help you

Integrated Digital PROMs Provider

A specialised integrated digital PROMs provider, we provide a streamlined end-to-end approach to help you achieve your PROMs objective. We have access to leading PROMs products and are able to integrate the benefits into your business and/or IT systems.

Microsoft Silver

As a proud Microsoft Power Apps partner, we help you increase agility across your organisation by empowering business users to directly modernise processes and solve tough challenges. Speak to us today to find out how Power Apps can help your workflow.

Bespoke Development

Customise and integration packaged software to align with your unique business requirements or develop end-to-end products from scratch to stand out from your competitors.

Process Automation

Our experienced Process Automation team works with your business units to analyse your current processes and provide cost-effective recommendations to improve efficiencies.

Design Thinking / UX

Not sure how a software application can solve your business problem? Our Design Thinking Workshop can rapidly create proof-of-concepts for that initial validation.

Data API Integration

Reduce duplicated data-entry points across multiple systems or allow vital data and information to be communicated between multiple departments instantly.
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Our tailored digital solutions helps organisations grow with digital transformation.